World Robber Fly Day (Family Asilidae)

Is it not great to have one of your favorite insects celebrated for its existence one day of the year? Robber flies are unique, strange-looking, strong, charismatic, attentive, and brutal. 

Have you ever searched on Google Scholar to find out information about what you photographed? If you can get passed all the terminology and pull out all the cool juicy stuff, it can take you on a very creative educational experience. And that is when it gives you, as a photographer, the ability to develop a different perspective of how you will photograph your next insect.

When reading these reports, you’re reviewing words written by scientists, researchers, etc., dating back to the 1700s. It is truly an interesting read.

The robber fly has adapted for centuries, their evolution, as with any insect, evolves over time, and during that time, thousands of creatures have (except the horseshoe crab) developed some type of adaptation (body changes) to compete within their own genus or to survive within a changed habitat. 

While researching, I found two great websites dedicated to robber flies. So I thought I would leave you with those links to review and don’t forget to search on Google Scholar too!

Asilidae Homepage: Information (

Florida Robbers (

Take a look at the different species of robber flies observed around the world: iNaturalist- Robber Flies seen around the world


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