Nature Teaches

Alright, I have to admit, Chassahowitzka WMA is my favorite place to go. Not just because it’s close and drivable, it is because I have learned so much from it. Chass never lets me forget how beautiful nature is and yet surprises me from time to time with educational moments.

I noticed a bee on a lobelia. Of course, I was focusing more on the bee than the flower which ended up being an interesting observation but in turn something I didn’t notice before.

So I wanted to see if anyone else notices what I noticed. It’s something that perhaps many may overlook. Hint: it’s not the bee!

Be safe in your travels!

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  1. This is a wonderful study. My powers of observation are not working. Bee, bloom, pollen, beauty. I scanned for a sneaky crab spider or perhaps some mites. No joy.

    Help teacher.


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