Jr. Naturalist

I have been very fortunate to be in a workplace that is supportive, creative, and energetic. 

I love teaching and inspiring others about nature. November began our first series of the Jr. Naturalist program, which introduces participants to Florida’s main ecosystems – Uplands, Coastal, and Freshwater. 

 As the population grows the less we are to understand the natural beauty around us. And I do think it’s important that everyone at least once in their lifetime understand and experience the silence as the wind breezes through a longleaf pine forest, feel the sand lose in your hands and the coolness of the ocean waters wave over your feet, to see the cypress trees tower over you as the sun pierces through their leaves while you hear woodpeckers and owls call beyond the swamps.

Nature is amazing. Experience it!

If you are interested in participating in these programs, here’s the link: Citrus County Parks and Recreation

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