Visiting Orlando Wetlands

A two-hour drive across the state led to Orlando Wetlands Park in Christmas, FL. I can sum this area up as a mixture between Wildlife Drive in Apoka and Circle B, but smaller.

Orlando Wetlands Park | | Photo by Don Herden

It’s a great place to take photos of birds, of course! Limpkins, Tri-colored Herons, Great Blue Herons, White Egrets, Wood Storks, Rosette Spoonbills, American Coot, Osprey, Anhinga, and more!

This is an excellent place for those beginning to learn about bird photography and an ideal place to practice black and white photography! But of course, the main interest was not just the birds but the alligators.

American Alligator | Photo by Alice Mary Herden

Tips to think about during your visit…. take your time, bring lunch have plenty of water. This is an open area so it would be wise to wear sunscreen and a hat. There are a couple of benches placed throughout the park; use them! Sit, observe and enjoy nature but always be mindful of where you step. Photographers can be so focused on birding they might forget there’s a gator napping on the bank!

Have fun with your adventures!

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