New Project

Staying focused and doing what I love to do.

There may be sometimes in your life when you encounter obstacles, challenges, and changes that may bring stress to your well-being. But do you know where you can release and refresh your entire well-being? Be surrounded by nature. 

For me to escape a stressful environment, I grab my camera and just go out in nature.

There is one thing I have learned throughout the years of photographing nature is observation and inquiry. It’s just fun to view nature through your own eyes and through the lens. 

Nature tends to throw at you tons of distractions and these are good distractions. So much that it will bring nature inspired projects. When photographing nature learn about what you are photographing, it’s important. Do you have a nature photo project you are working on?

Bees and the Great Spring Pollen Search

Question everything you see through the lens and you will be surprised what you will receive. 

Be safe in your travels.

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