Sensing Nature

Have you ever gone into nature and felt that you shouldn’t be there?  

I have been going to Chassahowitzka WMA for years, even before I uploaded my first observation to iNaturalist on March 10, 2017! I have always felt welcomed, happy, and even excited to see what Chass would let me see!

Friday after work, I decided to visit and it was the most unnatural experience I have ever felt and I have never felt like that ever at Chass until that evening. 

It started well until everything thing began looking different. The environment and even the air seemed harsh, dark, restrained, and unspoken. I think those who venture out and about in nature can relate to those feelings. These were strong feelings that started filling my inner soul – like “You really shouldn’t be here now.”  

I drove a little faster than the 3 miles an hour I usually go, and I wasn’t even there for an hour, which is unheard of for me!

So from now on, I will follow the feelings of sensing nature more closely because, after those feelings on that day, I wouldn’t want to know what I would have seen. 

Chassahowitzka  WMA | Photo by Alice Mary Herden
(Cell photo- edited in Photoshop)

To revive my connection with nature (and the chance of a coin toss- heads Chass or tails Walmart), I began my Sunday morning bright and early, looking through the longleaf pines and oaks. Happy, joyous, calm, and excited to see what the morning adventure has in store, and boy, oh boy, Chass, let me see some amazing things!

I’ll be publishing a few posts within a few weeks on what I found, but I have got to do some research first!

Enjoy your week, and be safe in your travels. 

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  1. I read this post yesterday and wondered, but didn’t think much on it. Today, I went for a walk and came across evidence of occult practice on my own property! and it was eerie! I prayed and cleansed it in Jesus’ name, but I thought of your post afterwards.

    May God bless you and keep you from all evil, in the name of Jesus. I speak protection on you.


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