Stuck at Home

Good Morning Nature People!

It’s been a rough week- but if life didn’t have its rough moments we would never realize how important nature is to us. 

Well-being • Healing • Energy • Breathe • Sunshine • Rain • Happiness • Exploring • Emotions • Release • Creativity • Life

A cool find while exploring our garden!

So what do you do when you’re stuck at home? You seek refuge in your own backyard and indulge in every inch of it. So many things you can find, discover, and learn about.  

So here are a few ideas to pass some of that time.

  1. Create your own backyard Bioblitz with iNaturalist
    1. If you haven’t already engaged yourself in the wonders of nature, this is one application that can help you get started.
    2. Not only will this help you learn about all these species of flora and fauna in your backyard, but it will also help you understand what happens during seasonal changes.
  2. See nature through a smaller lens- Microphotography
    1. If you are able to invest in a microscope (compound or stereo) and will dedicate using it more than just a few times a year…it’s super cool to see organisms that are overlooked millions of times. Warning- some things are quite freaky looking. Even my husband and I were like—- What the heck? PS. don’t drink pond water! 
  3. Discover hidden talents in journaling or drawing
    1. Who knows, just by sitting and observing nature in your backyard you might come up with a great kids’ story!

Stay safe!

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  1. Awesome article, I have been seeking refuge in my own backyard and enjoy it tremendously observing nature.


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