May is American Wetlands Month

There is something mysterious when you explore the wetlands, whether it would be trekking through the swamp or kayaking in the marsh. Florida is surrounded by water, which makes the state not only beautiful but ecologically important. 

Goethe State Forest

As many factors determine what type of wetland is called, it can get really confusing when you are beginning to learn. 

Here is are a couple of websites that can help:

To really learn more about the diversity of flora and fauna that encompasses the wetlands, it’s time to put on my boots, spray my entire human being with Off, grab my microscope, macro lens, and friends, and organize dates to explore Florida’s Wetlands.

Be safe in your travels!

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  1. We are so fortunate to have so many diverse venues nearby where we can explore nature. Our wetlands are such special places! It continues to surprise me at what we discover in a “wetland”. Many things one might not expect.

    Thank you for highlighting the fact we have a whole month celebrating wetlands!

    I better get busy ……

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