Learning Daily-Weekly

I am incredibly fortunate to have been hired as an Education Specialist with FWC at Chinsegut Conservation Center. I have an intense passion for learning and for teaching others about Florida’s fantastic flora and fauna. 

As I mentioned in a previous post that like many others, I am a kinetic learner- a visual learner. In a way, I utilize this position to help me be more creative. How? Well, to express creativity through photography and graphic design. I learn by seeing at the moment to fully understand what, why, and how. 

As I kind of got sidetracked from learning more about Florida grasses, which being sidetracked I would consider normal since nature always has something new for you to see, and there is never a lack of learning either. 

Recently I have been on a three-week tangent learning about lichen. OMG- seriously, these are unique organisms that have and are still overlooked by millions and millions of people. As it was a wild ride learning about lichen there is still so much to still learn. However, I know enough to teach and in hopes spark as many people as I can to learn more, and that includes through the lens.

I’ll have my first lichen workshop tomorrow! I am really grateful that I can put together workshops from an idea that I had to a completed program. I thoroughly enjoy going out into the field, learning, researching, and converting all that information into something tangible and accessible for anyone to understand. 

We’ve got some great workshops coming up at Chinsegut Conservation Center! Check them out at this link https://myfwc.com/chinsegut and click on the link – Schedule of Activities or follow us on Facebook: Chinsegut Conservation Center | Facebook 

I have a couple of personal nature projects in the works while continuing to learn about Florida grasses and well you know, whatever else happens to distracts me.

Learning to look, understand and establish a vision photographically

Be safe in your travels!

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