Florida Native Grasses and Wildlife

When I really looked at the lopsided indiangrass, I was intrigued. I was asking myself all these questions- what’s that, what is that called and at that moment, I realized that I didn’t know that much about Florida native grasses. While my brain began to fill with all these questions I knew it was time to start learning. Plus, this is the perfect situation to start using those extension tubes!

Lopsided Indiangrass photo by Alice Mary Herden

I have accumulated nearly half a page of research links that will take a couple of weeks to read. While I conduct this research as well as venture out to photograph a variety of grasses, my goal is to simplify that information and share it with you.

Enjoy this nice cool Florida weather!

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  1. Thank you for attempting the heavy lifting on a subject in which I am woefully inadequate!

    The recent cool mornings have been fantastic! I almost don’t care if I encounter in photo subjects – almost.

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