Which Field to Stand

It’s amazing how time flies and how some of those important ‘hobbies’ get left behind. So, please pardon me for not posting in over a month. I have been covering a lot of sports and working two jobs. 

I have mentioned something similar before about finding where you belong. The question is, where should I stand? Should I stand on the sideline of a football field or the grassy edges of a trail taking you through an open field of Longleaf pines filled with hundreds of blooming Goldenrods and Blazing stars? To be honest and genuine to my heart, I chose the open field. 

Nothing can compare to what a nature photographer feels when the only noise they hear in the middle of an upland pine habitat are the echoes of a woodpecker drumming on a tree or the sound of the wind that flows between them. 

During these months, I have learned what I missed from not being out photographing nature. I also learned how to view nature – always at a slow-pace, quietly and with an open heart.

Explore – Discover – Learn – Share

Explore: Explore natural areas
Discover: Discover new species to photograph
Learn: Learn about the flora and fauna
Share: Share that knowledge

Crab spider overlooking the uplands patiently waiting on Tall Elephants Foot. photo by Alice Mary Herden

Be safe in your travels.

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2 replies

  1. It is good to see your post today!

    I totally understand trying to decide “where to stand” when out in Nature. The wide-angle view of a field works at times, but then I spot a single flower which would really look nice in a close-up, but then that hammering woodpecker you heard just landed on a nearby snag and I need my telephoto — sigh.

    Or, I could heed your advice. Slow, Quiet. Open heart.

    All of a sudden, the picture is no longer the objective. It is the experience.

    Welcome back.


    • Thank you so much Wally!

      It’s hard to just be focused on one or the other – Macro or Telephoto. But at times you have to be and should be. As a nature photographer, every aspect of nature deserves your undivided attention. If you don’t you will never encounter those rare moments.


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