Say “Hello” to my new Friend

Meet this super amazing Hyalymenus longispinus. This is one of the three Hyalymenus endemic to Florida and just happened to found its way to our backyard. 

How awesome is that?

Say “Hello” to my new Friend – Hyalymenus longispinus

A member of the Broad-headed Bugs, this is such an unusual one at that. Your eyes naturally gravitate to its sharp tip corners perfectly placed on each shoulder. I wondered how this bug uses them to defend itself from predators.

I loved this burnt orange coloration with cream spots that when the sun reflected off its body it showed all the divots covering its entire body and the legs, oh the legs are long and slender with the exception of its hind ones.   

There’s not that much information about this bug. At first I was for sure this was a species within the Assassin bug family because look at that proboscis but searching on the internet I found that some websites stated that this was a seed and fruit-eating bug. Hmmm. That got me.

But hey, you learn something new every day!

Be safe in your travels!

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