Florida Master Naturalist Program- Invasive Plants of Florida

It took me two years to complete all the Florida Master Naturalist Program courses, and the reason it took only two years was because of these programs being offered online, which allowed me to achieve a long list of goals I have planned for the next 3-5 years. One of those goals is to become an FMNP instructor, and now I got my foot in the door as an Assistant; I am well on my way.

The Zoom courses were really convenient and got many people to look more in-depth to areas closer to home, which is awesome. However, during a recent workshop I lead (I am an Education Specialist at Chinsegut Conservation Center-FWC), I saw how important it was to combine that in-person experience within an outdoor environment.

I was able to see each of the participant’s expressions of curiosity, confusion, wonderment, excitement, joy, and how they were engaged to learn more about nature. But mostly, I can hear their laughter that echoed throughout nature’s space. That’s a great feeling.

August 3-5, I am coordinating with UF/IFAS Marine Agent Brittany Scharf for our first in-person FMNP program, Invasive Plants of Florida, at Chinsegut Conservation Center. 

This program is an exciting opportunity for those who would like to have that outdoor experience to learn about and identify some of Florida’s invasive and non-native plants that cause harm or affect native plants in Florida’s natural areas. Check out the itinerary here: FMNP – Invasive Plants of Florida (ufl.edu). If you have any questions, feel free to connect.

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