I apologize for the slack on posting to this blog but I am grateful to be preoccupied with other volunteer projects, work and completing my final FMNP course! It’s been a long road, but encouraging and inspirational.

I’d tell ya, April should be caterpillar month! The Gulf Fritillary, Tussock Moth, and the Salt Marsh Moth are certainly making their presence at Chinsegut WEA!

What’s so exciting about this? Well, for those nature photographers that love photographing insects May will bring in the bounty!  There will be moths and butterflies all over and I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to photographing the Salt Marsh moths and the unique details of the Tussock Moths.

On that note, I would like to add-Do you want to learn how to photograph bugs and other small creatures? Register for Macro Photo Hike: Bees & Butterflies

Salt Marsh Moth Caterpillar

Exploring the small wonders of nature can be truly exciting, especially close-up. Seeing the different textures, patterns, and unique adaptations insects have can be breathtaking and, to many, bring curiosity and inspiration.

9:30 am – Thursday –  May 20 at Chinsegut Conservation Center

Event Calendar – FWC Outreach (

You never know, we might even find a species that hasn’t been documented before at Chinsegut WEA like this beetle!

Enoclerus lunatus – a member of Checkered BeetlesSpecies Enoclerus lunatus – BugGuide.Net

Be safe in your travels!

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