Here Birdie, Birdie!

During a recent visit to Green Swamp in Sumter County, I concluded that birds tend to drive me bonkers, especially the little ones. 

It’s hard enough to id birds by their call, let alone align your sound and visual perception to actually locate one. First, you start hearing the birds chirping and while you are standing super still, you begin to see sudden movements in the trees or within the vegetation below. You look towards where you think the bird is, and you’re like staring at this tree for 15 to 20 minutes! You finally give up, share some words and move on.

Thankfully you’re either by yourself or with bird friends because other people might tend to wonder why in the world are you staring at a tree for such a long period of time.

However, there are moments when you get that unique opportunity where your timing is perfect. One finally settles down long enough for you to snap a gazillion pictures. And with this Eastern Phoebe, we were able to do an photoshoot. 

For me, warblers are really hard to identify. If they stayed in one place long enough I could make a good guess. However, there is one warbler I can correctly identify, the Yellow-rumped Warbler- the only bird I can ID by looking at its rump!

It can be frustrating when you are trying to photograph these birds, but take the experience as a lesson. Nothing in nature is rushed. Be patient, and when you do, nature will open up!

I continued my drive, thinking more about birds and I thought how neat it would be to be a bird, any bird. I mean, really. You can fly pretty much anywhere. You can fly over a vast amount of land, you can perch on the tallest Cypress tree, you can hang out in the swamps, or you can even chill out with your peeps on a wooden bridge. There are no limits on where you can go. Hmmm, this maybe something I would like to further explore.

Have fun and be safe in your travels!

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  1. If only all birds would be as polite as your Eastern Phoebe and tell us their name: “Fee-Bee”! Or as accommodating as your Yellow-rumped Warbler and wave a flag letting us know its a “butter-butt”.

    Alas, if it was easy, everyone would do it!

    Enjoyable post!


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