Brooker Creek Nature Preserve and Educational Center

While waiting for *low tide to come back around in my area that doesn’t collide with my work schedule, my husband and I went on a date. The location, just under an hour’s drive, Brooker Creek Nature Preserve and Educational Center. If you have not yet visited this place, I strongly suggest you take the trip.

There are beautiful forested wetlands, oak hammocks, cypress domes, and pine flatwoods that encompass Brooker Creek Nature Preserve. To explore all flora and fauna would take many, many months, perhaps years!

My first trip was excellent, but the second trip with my husband was incredible. He loved the boardwalk, buildings, and of course, the trails. 

The Birds!

Seriously, I wasn’t really planning on focusing on photography, just trying to enjoy a beautiful place on a beautiful day with my wonderful husband, and then along came a yellow-bellied sapsucker!

The birds were amazing, and since the boardwalk went straight through the wetlands, we observed many birds at a closer range. Just close enough where I can at least add photos to my observations on iNaturalist.

Stay safe in your travels!

Link: Pinellas County Florida -Brooker Creek Preserve

* Working on a project that has to do with low tide!

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