Common Persimmon- Button Ornaments

The lot next to us has a couple of persimmons trees, and it wasn’t until a couple of days ago, something atop the leaf litter caught my attention. I noticed these cute fruit top buttons scattered everywhere surrounding the base of the tree.

How unique these dried-up buttons are, and as I picked them up, my mind began to indulge in creative projects. How cute would these woodland buttons display as natural ornaments for a tree or accents on an evergreen garland hanging from the fireplace mantle or doorway, so many creative ideas!

Like all trees, fruit, or nut-bearing trees, have many uses, and Persimmons had many from the seeds as replacement buttons, fruit used as ink, to the bark transformed into cogwheels for sawmills. There wasn’t anything wasted if the early settlers decided to chop this tree down.

So what is a Persimmon Tree? Before I go into a long in-depth historically write up, you can read this well-written document here: Briand.indd (

*Note: the document link above states that the fruit of the Persimmon is edible, before consuming the fruit (or any plant, fungi or anything else grown in the wild)first consult with a certified horticulturist.

Persimmons are dioecious, which means there are separate male and female trees. For the female tree to produce fruit, the male tree needs to by nearby.

The fruit of the Persimmon is an important food source for many wildlife as well. Black bears, squirrels, opossums, raccoons, white-tailed deer, and a variety of birds.

The tree is also a host plant for the Luna Moth-caterpillar. So when you are out and about photographing nature in the spring, if you come across a Persimmon, look for the caterpillars!

Be safe in your travels!

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