Creepy Critters: Stinkers and Slimmers

Creepy Critters: Stinkers and Slimmers

There’s nothing like taking a mild walk on the trails and get head bomb by a stink bug and then you realized why they are called stink bugs.  There are many species of stink bugs, common ones have upper green bodies, and of course, there are ones showcasing different shades of browns as well as those intricate designs. 

Stink bug

You can quickly identify these bugs by the shape of their body. They have an identifiable shape like that of a knight’s shield. So keep your distance from these bugs because if they feel threatened or squashed… hold your nose and back away slowly because they will release a potent odor, and it ain’t pretty! 

Check out my Stink Bug observations here: STINK BUGS

Now for a real slimmer and like many gastropods- which means stomach-foot, that just sounds creepy, slugs have their place in nature, but unfortunately for this slug, it’s an invasive one. 

What’s freaky and weird about slugs is they have two pairs of retractable tentacles located on the top of their heads. That little black dot you see on the top of the slugs tentacle is actually an eye! And get this, those tentacles (eye-stalks) can move independently and can be re-grown if lost. Ummm.. that’s creepy!

Slimy critters don’t sit well with me. Just the thought of that trailing mucus makes my whole body just shiver! Even though humans produce around six cups of mucus every day (, I’d rather keep that inside than having it outside and used as a necessary means for transportation.

Here’s an informational link (PDF) to learn more about Slugs and for your enjoyment a minute long video of a Florida Leatherleaf Slug.

Florida Leatherleaf Slug- The moving parts underneath the eye-stalks are sensory tentacles

Have you enjoyed the Creepy Critters project? Feel free to comment below!

Have fun exploring and have fun discovering new and weird critters to photograph. Be safe!

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