Creepy Critters: Mabel Orchard Orbweaver

I really dislike mosquitoes when I am trying to photograph; it is very annoying, aggravating, and ruins your enjoyment of nature photography. While you’re so focused on shooting your subject, you start hearing that buzzing sound close to your ear, and you attempt to smack it but end up striking yourself in the head instead of squashing that ridiculous insect. Well, if you find a spider with a permanent happy face, you’re in luck because those perfect little spiders are known to prey upon those blood-sucking irritating and miserable mosquitoes.

Mabel Orchard Orbweaver

Like all things in nature, every creature, great or small, has its uniqueness, and this spider is its unusual design on its abdomen that resembles a happy face.
This spider has a few familiar names: Orchard Orbweaver or Orchard Spider and Mabel Orchard Orbweaver, all are under this genus of Leucauge argyrobapta. You can find these spiders pretty much anywhere in woodland areas to wetlands.

Mabel Orchard Orbweaver

What is interesting about spiders is the way they build their webs. As I mentioned in the previous post, not all spiders build a web, but all spiders produce silk. Spider silk is made of different proteins and produced by the spider’s particular organs known as spinnerets. It’s a very complex system. The Mabel Orchard builds spiral orb webs.

I would be quite interested in dive into the different types of webs spiders create, but I think I’ll save that for another time. Until then, I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit about the Mabel Orchard Orbweaver.

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Be safe in your travels!


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