Creepy Critters: Warrior Beetle

Nature Photographers, I have a question for you. Have you ever taken a photo that actually brought tears in your eyes? If you have experienced that, I would love to hear about it.

Let me introduce you to this warrior beetle whom I had the opportunity to cross paths with. When I was browsing through the photos this is one that brought tears to my eyes.

What brought tears to my eyes was how unique the warrior beetle’s mandibles are! Just look at them, they are beautiful. Can you see how perfectly symmetrical the shape and grooved designs are on each mandible? This beetle is incredible, scary looking but incredible. (Click on image to see full image and the details)

Without using a macro lens, you can never conceive how intricate insects can be and how so many questions begin to pop into your mind. Why do they have spikes on their legs or have notches on their antennas? Why does this warrior beetle have a bluish tint along the rim of its armor? There are so many questions that may never get answered. But what is most important is to appreciate them.

There is not a lot of information on this beetle that can be found on the internet when searching under warrior beetle, however searching by the genus name: Pasimachus there are a few links to explore. I think it would be so neat to do a general study of this particular beetle just because of that face! I mean really, look at that face! Who wouldn’t fall in love with a scary and frightful looking beetle like this?

Nature is impressive. Thousands of truly unique species have developed their own intricate designs that serve as some function to survive in the wild.

Just a note, when you are photographing nature, especially with a macro lens, remember to be mindful of the subjects you are photographing. Limit your time to avoid stress as well as respecting their space.

Stay safe and happy snapping!

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2 replies

  1. That’s a wonderful photograph of the beetle!

    I’ve had a few images that produced some misty eyes. The most recent was last year. My son and I camped out near Bosque del Apache NWR in New Mexico. A pre-dawn photo of over 10,000 Snow Geese still evokes one of my favorite memories – the cold (10 F), the birds, the noise, the mountains, the purple sky, my son beside me – special.


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