Wild Estuaries: Semipalmated Plover

I have yet to see any small shorebird I couldn’t find more adorable, but yet so I have very little knowledge of how smart they can be. Take this semipalmated plover, for instance. How can this chunky little bird find worms in the murky waters along the shoreline? How?

  • Can the bird pick up sensation from its feet?
  • Is their sense of hearing so acute they can listen to the worm wiggle?
  • Do their eyes have a unique adaptation to tell the difference between food or not food?

Hopefully, while reading of bird biology textbook, I will be able to answer that question. Until then, check out this cute video of a semipalmated plover.

Semipalmated Plover seeking out sandworms hidden in the murky sediment. What does semipalmated mean: that word is used in names of wading birds with partially webbed feet.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

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