Bird Biology

At the beginning of September, I enrolled in one of the courses offered at Cornell Lab- Bird Academy. That course is Ornithology: Comprehensive Bird Biology. Honestly, there are so many words I have no clue what they mean -I now have Google search as my study buddy.

I finished chapters 1-6, and now going into some of the chapters that I believe will help with photography and observation, and monitoring.

Black skimmers are Florida’s year-long residents and are a state-threatened species.

The Black Skimmer is another coastal bird. Such a very cool bird; well, actually, all birds are cool, but this particular bird has a very cool bill. The lower bill is longer than the upper bill.
These birds skim the water’s surface foraging for fish, and if you ever get a chance to watch them do that, it’s really cool.

Their coloration is impressive, noting that the head’s black feathers perfectly border just below the eyes. Enough that you have to take a double look to see if they actually have eyes.

As you learn more about nature and especially about the species and habitats that interest you, I strongly believe that if you continue your education, it can help you better understand what you are photographing.

More Wild Estuaries are coming soon!

Have fun and be safe!

Links of Interest

FWC- Black Skimmer

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