It’s the Little Things

Florida Natures are about everything that lives in any ecosystem, including those you don’t see with your own two eyes or even through a macro lens.
I recently invested in a microscope to explore the stages of plants and other organisms and share what I have found.
After learning about the fiddler crab life cycle, I fell in love with their Zoea stage. I had to see that for my own eyes, and the only way to do that is through a microscope!

Microscope Video test. A droplet of water that came from a beach.

Since this month, I am focusing on Estuary week coming up on the 19th, finding a fiddler crab in their Zoea stage would be awesome.
What is neat about this microscope, it’s battery operated! Soon I will be heading out for many micro explorations.
Have fun exploring, and be safe!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the microscope quit working after two times and had to send it back.


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