Can I have a little Pink with Green, Please

The Spotted Horse Mint (Monarda punctata) is one of many, many favorite flowering plants that I really enjoy photographing. Discovering how beautiful this flower color palette is is also the perfect opportunity to get your macro lens out and venture into your creative side.

Spotted Horsemint WP

Spotted Horse Mint  | Alice Mary Herden

There are so many angles to work with. Photographing from the top- to view how intricate yet simple new petals emerge as well as getting close as you can to photograph any of its unique details. The colors are what fascinates me, the shades of green, pink, and white just blend so gracefully.

Spotted Horsemint WP2

Spotted Horsemint | Alice Mary Herden

There is no wrong or right way to photograph flowers creatively, you can get as crazy as you want. Blurred or out of focus photos can really be cool and inspiring.

One tip… try setting your lens on manual focus. This helps you control different depths of focus for your ‘out of focus’ creative and inspirational photos.

Have fun and be safe!


Flower Friday: Spotted beebalm


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