Signs of Nature

Signs of Nature 

I believe that nature will let you see things when nature wants you to see it. But I also feel it is deeper than that, metaphorically.

As I get closer to making a change in my life, I have had moments of anxiety and thoughts of whether I am doing the right thing. 

Being in nature helps relax that anxiety and opens my mind to think more clearly. On my drive out to Chassahowitzka WMA, I pretty much follow the same path. Right on Gopher road, and when I get Thunder Crossing, should I go left or continue on Gopher road. So my instincts tell me to go left. (I have learned that I need to follow my instincts) 

So driving my usual 5 miles an hour, I get to my favorite spot on Thunder Crossing.

Florida Oblong-winged Katydid

Florida Oblong-winged Katydid | Alice Mary Herden | July 2020

I stop and look for anything camouflaged in the vegetation, kind of like a ‘Where’s Waldo’ challenge only I am looking for spiders and insects. I spotted a Florida Oblong-winged Katydid. If it weren’t for its long legs, I would have never seen it. As I step back to look around for any other photo opportunities, just a couple of feet from the katydid, I see something dangling from a leaf.

Molting Spider

Molting Spider | Alice Mary Herden | July 2020

It was a spider molting. I had no idea that spiders molted! 

It wasn’t until this morning I put this ‘nature metaphor’ together. The katydid represents being hidden and safe, and the spider molting represents shedding that old layer of life to begin a new chapter.

I think sometimes nature opens you to the opportunity to look within yourself. It may take a long time to see that however, each time you make a connection, you get closer to understanding.

I am looking forward to this new adventure!


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  1. You have made a great “observation” about – “observation”!

    The more we look, the more we see. The more we see, the more we try to understand. Sometimes, we discover answers about what we have seen. Other times, we discover answers about ourselves.

    Thank you for sharing all of your observations.

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