Golden Silk Spider or Banana Spider

Patience is so important when you are out photographing nature, and I have to remind myself about that all the time. I need to be more patient, and this day I was happy I did.

For this online magazine, I not only want to photograph, but I also want to take videos. Shooting video is a whole other system and I am still learning things. But I do know one crucial part of videography is to set your camera placement, push the record button, and walk away.

While on assignment, I took a couple of minutes to drive down Forest Road 7 in Brooksville. It’s a place I often visit and find some incredible wildlife to photograph. I noticed a Golden Silk Spider. I watched it for a few seconds and decided it was an excellent opportunity to shoot some video.

The content of this video is more than just recording a spider turning an insect over and over again; it was why it was doing it.

It’s a 10-minute video but worth watching to the end.

I would love to read your comments about this video and especially what you noticed while watching it! (hint: behavior) (hint: why did the spider do that?)

Have a safe and wonderful outdoor adventure!


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