Summer Tanager

I headed out yesterday determined to get more macro shots focusing on some specific insects and plant species, and well that didn’t happen.

While hiking all I was hearing was the peaceful sounds of nature and birds… birds everywhere. I realized this day is not going to be a macro day, it was going to be a birding day. I trekked back to the car to get my other lens and tripod. I found a great spot and I set up camp.

Summer Tanager-small

Summer Tanager | Alice Mary Herden | April 2020

Sometimes things are not always the way you plan, and that is exactly how nature is. Nature will give you all the photo opportunities only if you listen and be patient.

That morning, I headed out just before the sun rose to my favorite place. It was a weird feeling. It was like Chassahowitzka was telling me that it was not a good day to be there. (I hope other photographers know what I mean) So I respected that feeling and traveled to another location and in return, I had the best birding day ever!


Stay Safe!


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