Soldier’s Orchid

Well, this was a surprise to see at Chassahowitika. Sprouting up near in some moist areas I spotted these Soldier’s (Centipede Grass) Orchids. These are not native to Florida and is not listed as invasive according to the USDA Florida plant database.

CEntipede orchid.jpg

Soldier’s Orchid | January 2020 | Alice Mary Herden

This was a beauty to find.  The orchid was first documented in Hernando County (Chinsegut Hill) on January 27, 1958. I am just fascinated with its character.

CEntipede orchid 3.jpg

Soldier’s Orchid | January 2020 | Alice Mary Herden

I am guessing around 3 to 5 inches the Solider Orchids grows in height but what fascinates me is why it grows the way it grows. The interlacing of petals and leaves. I attached my Canon EF 25II extension tube to my 60mm macro lens, which got me super close. It just amazes me how I can see those details, like how the white petals seem to glisten in the sunlight and the thickness of the brightly yellow folded lip. It makes me have more questions about its design and encourages me to learn more.


Soldier’s Orchid | January 2020 | Alice Mary Herden


As I laid down to attempt to get a straight-on shot, a thought occurred.. bring that tabletop tripod next time! More things to stuff in my backpack!

Have a great day photographing nature! Found something interesting… please let me know!


I am all set to take my first Master Naturalist Program at the end of this month, Conservation Science. The course is covering Biological Diversity. Super excited about the field trips set and more importantly learning!


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