Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

You can always tell if a Sapsucker was forging on a tree….they always drill small holes in a row.

This is the first observation at Chassahowitzka WMA. Currently,  I have 132 species and my goal is to get at least 200 or more!

While taking photos, a Red-bellied woodpecker flew over, and this is the second time I noticed how rude this bird is! Here is this little Sapsucker just enjoying its day foraging for insects on a pine tree and this Red-bellied Woodpecker, ya, that one in the photo below flew over and pushed the Sapsucker away.


Red-bellied Wood Pecker | December 2019 | Alice Mary Herden

I saw this happen a couple of days before as another Red-bellied did the same thing to a Downy woodpecker … Geez.


Blog_Sapsucker 2

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker | December 2019 | Alice Mary Herden



Lots of links below!

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Have great January 1, 2020

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