Sandhill Cranes

For the past four years, I have noticed a pair of Sandhill Cranes nesting in the same area. This area is a quaint salt marsh inlet with a beautiful background of what Florida used to be. Each year they have had at least two colts, but ever since I remembered not one has survived to reach pass a year old.


Sandhill Cranes | December 2019 | Alice Mary Herden

The foreground is a busy road, Cortez Blvd. The speed limit is 50 mph and that is fast when you are driving by this particular area. When they do have colts, there is someone that puts signs up to slow down, and many of us thank them for doing that, however many ignore it.

This pair has been at this location for a very long time. I just hope next year they will be successful in raising two amazing colts that will live a long and healthy life.


Click to access SandhillCraneFacts.pdf

Magazine publication will still be on hold until 2021, however, I will still be publishing blog posts here.

I have decided to take this year to take enroll in the Florida Master Naturalist Program.

Thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend exploring!

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