Bald Eagle

Around Hernando Beach, there are a couple pairs of Bald Eagles. Unfortunately, I do not have any recent information if they have had any eaglets. But I do recall a post last year that there were two eaglets in the Weekiwachee Preserve. (FWC Bald Eagle Nest Locator)

This particular Bald Eagle was perched on a snag across the marsh at Jenkins Creek Park, watching people fishing from the boardwalk.

Eagle 3.jpg

Bald Eagle | December 9| Alice Mary Herden

The Bald Eagle flew across the marsh and landed on the light pole behind the people fishing. Right away I was thinking exactly what you are thinking. Easy meal.


Bald Eagle | December 9| Alice Mary Herden

If someone does it once, the Eagle will think it will happen again. Once the Eagle realized there was nothing being given, for now, he went back to the snag and waited. A few minutes later, the Eagle flew over again but didn’t land on the pole instead observed while flying above. The Eagle then proceeded back to the snag. This may be some routine the Eagle has during a specific time of the day. This might be a great subject to research for a behavior pattern and/or interaction with humans.




Black and White Inspiration

I have been photographing on and off in monochrome for the upcoming ‘Wild Florida’ Photography Exhibit. Hopefully, this may inspire other nature photographers to submit their work.

Find out more here:

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