Hanging Thieves

It was last year August 1st I posted a photo of my first Hanging Thief and August 2nd I finally got it doing what it does best, hanging!

Driving by slow, I’m talking 3-5 miles an hour is the only way you are able to notice anything near or beyond the road.

I noticed something out of the ordinary, a black spot, and behold it was a hanging thief with a bumblebee (RIP) in its grasp. A year later I was able to photograph and video how coordinated this insect is.

Hanging Thieves | August 3 | Alice Mary Herden

Hanging Thieves | August 3 | Alice Mary Herden

Once I got that boundary, of where I can stand and the hanging thief not flying off, which took about 15 minutes walking through high grass, sweat dripping in my eyes and flicking off ticks I finally was able to set everything up.

Good to have a solid tripod and a 400mm lens!





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