Listen to Nature

You know the saying “You have to be there at the right time at the right place” but I take it as Chassahowitzka will let you see what she wants you to see when she wants you to see it.

Coyote and Wild Turkey | Alice Mary Herden

Coyote and Wild Turkey | Alice Mary Herden

For all the years that I have been photographing at Chassahowitzka, I feel I have a sense of connection, like she knows that I respect the land and those that live it within it, but also she tests you if you are true. I am sure a lot of nature photographers can relate.

The photo of the coyote and turkey was interesting indeed. There were actually two turkeys with the coyote before one flew off. All of them walking out of the brush at the same time. These two (in the photo) hung out together for a bit and then went their separate ways.


Wild Turkey and Chicks.jpg

Wild Turkey and her chicks | Alice Mary Herden


Sometimes when I go to places like Chassahowitzka I just follow, let nature guide me. So nature guided me to take a road I didn’t really think of exploring on that day. I am driving thinking, okay you wanted me to go down this road, what is it you want me to see. While heading back to the main road, lo and behold a healthy wild turkey family crosses my path. Just a bundle of poult cuteness, seven to be exact.

There are great discoveries for photographers when venturing out into nature, however, there are also those you come across to reminds us of how true grit nature is.


Coyote | Alice Mary Herden

Coyote | Alice Mary Herden

As nature brings so much life, beauty, and purpose to the earth, nature can also take it away.

For this soul, how it died is unknown, but whatever happened to this beautiful creature it curled up and laid to rest. So the reason for nature to lead me to this, could be something for me and only me to understand, which I do.

RIP… May you run free forever.


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