Sherman’s Fox Squirrel

These beautiful squirrels can camouflage themselves while laying on branches of an oak tree.

Sherman Fox Squirrel 2

Sherman’s Fox Squirrel | September 11

Turkey Oak and Longleaf pine habitats are favored for these fox squirrels. The male has a territory around 105 acres and females around 41. Their main food source is longleaf pine seeds and turkey oak acorns.

As the human population grows, their habitat decreases along with many, many other wildlife and plant species.

The Sherman’s fox squirrel is protected as a State Species of Special Concern by Florida’s Endangered and Threatened Species Rule.

Sherman Fox Squirrel 3

The Sherman’s Fox squirrel was named after Harley B. Sherman, who was a prolific ecologist, and invented small mammal traps for catch and release studies, which are still being used today. 



Sherman’s Fox Squirrel and Trap

Click to access Shermans-Fox-Squirrel-Species-Action-Plan-Final.pdf



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