American Alligator

The American Alligator.

I have photographed 5 different alligators at Chassahowitzka WMA. These are truly amazing creatures and an important part of Chassahowitzka ecosystem.

American Alligator

(1) December 2017 | Believe this is a female and the first alligator I photographed


(2) This I believe is the male during courtship/breeding with (1).

American Alligator (2)(5)

May 2018 | American Alligator (1) & (2)

Juvenile American Alligator (1)

May 2018 | Juvenile American Alligator (3)

American Alligator (4)

May 2018 | American Alligator (4) Extremely surprised to see this gator sunning!

American Alligator (2)

July 2018 | American Alligator (5) During all the rain in the latter part of July, this gator took advantage of the flooding lake. Lots of minnows getting trapped in the stream current flowing across the road.


The American alligator is Federally protected by the Endangered Species Act as a Threatened species.

American Alligator

  • Length: up to 14 feet
  • Weight: up to 1000 pounds
  • Courtship: May
  • Breeding: June-July
  • Clutch: 20-50 eggs
  • Hatching: August-September
  • Feeding [Adult]: Small mammals, birds, fish, turtles, and snakes
  • Feeding [Juveniles] Small fish, insects, and amphibians

Habitat: freshwater lakes, slow moving rivers, and brackish water



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